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Prosthesis Adaptive Lingerie


The Adaptive Bra

MEGAMI Adaptive bras are tailored specifically to fit Women following a mastectomy or reconstructive surgery and support any type of breast forms, all while looking elegant and fashionable

“A revolutionary fusion of style and support, these post-surgery bras redefine the fashion landscape for breast cancer survivors.”

– Vogue Magazine

“Finally, post-surgery bras that make me feel like myself again! These stylish designs not only provide the support I need but also boost my confidence every day." - Sarah W., Breast Cancer Survivor.”

– Sarah W., Breast Cancer Survivor

“A beacon of hope and style, these post-surgery bras offer a refreshing take on recovery wear, proving that fashion knows no bounds when it comes to supporting those in need.”

– Marie Claire Magazine

“Fashion-forward and functional—what more could you ask for? These bras not only support my recovery journey but also make me feel like I'm stepping out onto the runway every day.”

– Jessica M., Fashionista Survivor

“Elegance meets empowerment with these innovative post-surgery bras, offering a chic solution for those in search of comfort and style after breast surgery.”

– Harper's Bazaar

“As someone who's undergone breast surgery, finding bras that fit comfortably and look fabulous has been a challenge—until now. These post-surgery bras are a total game-changer!.”

– Emily T. Customer